Admissions to South End Infant School
In Northamptonshire, children are offered a full year in Reception, i.e. the school place is available from the beginning of the school year following the child’s 4th birthday.
A parent can request that entry to the school where they have been offered a place, is deferred until later in the same school year. If such a request is made, the school is required to hold the place for the child and it cannot be offered to another child. The place cannot be kept open beyond the start of the final term of the academic year for which the original application was accepted. Any parent who is considering deferring their child’s admission to the school following the offer of a place, should discuss this with the Head teacher.

Parents of children born during the summer term who are thinking of delaying their child’s admission by a full school year should read the information surrounding Summer Born children on the NCC website.

The Published Admission Number (PAN) for the school is 90.

Application Process:

You must fill in a Common Application Form. The best way to do this is online through the NCC website. You should list up to three schools for which you would like to apply, in order of preference.

September – Application portal opens for Primary, Infant and Junior School applications. Information on how to apply for a school place is published by the County Council on their website: Parents can submit their application, listing up to three schools in order of preference that they wish their child to attend the following September. If parents need access to the internet to make an application then the school may be able to offer this facility.

15 January, 5pm – Deadline for submitting Primary, Junior, Infant applications.

16 April – Parents will be informed of their child’s allocated school place for the following September by NCC.

Admissions criteria:

Places will be allocated to pupils who have an EHC plan that names the school as appropriate provision.

Oversubscription criteria:

When there are more applications for places than there are places available, priority will be given in the following order:

  1. Children in public care or previously in public care but immediately after being looked after became subject to an adoption, child arrangements order or special guardianship order;
  2. Children who live in the linked area (Newton Bromswold. Higham Park Road);
  3. Children with a brother or sister continuing at the school or the linked Junior School at the time of admission of the child*;
  4. Children who live closer to the school than any other school;
  5. Other children.

Allocation up to Published Admissions Number (PAN):

If the admission number is exceeded within any criterion, priority will be given to those who live closest to the school. Distances will be determined by the Local authority measured on a straight-line basis using a geographical information system.


Where two or more applications cannot otherwise be separated, random allocation will be used to decide which child should be allocated a place.

*Brother/Sister Definition (otherwise known as a Sibling)

A sibling is defined as a child’s brother or sister.  A sibling must be living at the same permanent address and as part of the same family unit (one or two parents plus children) to qualify under this criterion. NCC’s definition of ‘sibling’ for Community and Voluntary Controlled schools includes:

Cousins are not regarded as siblings.

The sibling link will only be valid if the sibling will be attending when the child applying starts school.  This mean that it may not count as a sibling link if a child wants a place in a primary school, but their brother is in Year 6 and will therefore have left the school when the child applying starts at the school.


County Process for Appeals link –


More information about the Admissions process can be found on the School Admissions pages of NCC website, detailed in the Composite Prospectus, “Applying for a Primary School Place in Northamptonshire 2020-21”