Kingswood Catering and Lunchtime Provisions

Children have the option to go home at lunchtime, bring a packed lunch or purchase a meal from a hot meals provider, Kingswood Catering.  Menus, order forms and deadline dates are available from the school office, or meals can be booked online at:

Packed lunch boxes are stored in the children’s classrooms on trolleys so parents need to bear that in mind when the weather is warmer.  Some parents choose to put a little freezer block next to the sandwiches.  Children bringing their own lunch must bring a drink for lunchtime (no glass bottles or cans). Please make sure that your child’s lunchbox is clearly labelled on the outside with your child’s name and class.

As a Healthy School we discourage the children from having sweets in their lunch box.

We have ten lunchtime supervisors who look after the children during their mid-day break.



March 21 Packed Lunch Only