National Science Week 2020

South End Infant School started our National Science Week with a ‘Science in Work Day’.  We were visited by a variety of visitors that provided some very educational and fun experiences for the children.

South End Infant School would like to say a special thank you to the following:

Julie Walker – Veterinary Nurse; Miss O’Brien – Nurse; Mr Brwester – Specialist in Radioactivity; Mr Gerrett – Programmer; Mr Greenwood – Emergency Ambulance Service; Mr Hawthorn – Talk on levers; Mrs Hunt – Artist; Mrs Skinner and Wonder the Guide Dog; Mr Hallam – Criminologist; Mrs Twell – Butter making and Mr Ryan – PSCO.

Year Two Science Club – Visit to Wrenn Academy

Some of our Science Club children were very excited to be invited to the Wrenn Academy in Wellingborough on Thursday 14th November 2019.  The children had a fantastic time attending a session, where they took part in a range of activties.

Year Two – Science Materials

Children in Year Two named and investigated properties of materials:

Linking our talk 4 writing unit with science, the children tested materials for being waterproof and then were challenged to make an umbrella for ‘Sunny’ the meerkat from ‘Meerkat Mail’. The children worked in pairs to use appropriate materials for strength, rigidity and waterproofness.

They then tested and evaluated their umbrellas… Sunny did get a little bit wet!!

National Science Week 2019 – Science in Work Day & Dinosaur Visit

National Science Week 2019 at South End Infant School started with our ‘Science in Work Day’.  We were lucky enough to have a variety of visitors that provided some very educational and fun experiences for the children.

Our Visitor from Brightkidz, Alison Holland was kind enough to share a link from her blog about the day with us:

South End Infant School would like to say a special thank you to the following:

Alison Holland – Brightkidz; Jay Wright – Chemist; Jennie – Occupational Therapist; Jo Bramhall – DNA Scientist; Mathew Lloyd – Leather Expert at The University of Northampton; Mr Bogust – Paramedic; Mr Cirelli – Freestyle Coach; Mrs Caesar – Physiotherapist; Mrs Coleman – Cardiac Nurse; Mrs Skinner and Wonder the Guide Dog; Paula – Specsavers; Ronnie Sherratt – Fire Fighter; Stephen Hallam – Criminologist;

On Friday 15th March, South End Infant School had some very ‘Roarsome’ visitors!! To help celebrate National Science Week, we were lucky enough to meet Jack the baby Allosauras and a T-Rex called Sophie, as well as have an educational talk given by their owners, Education Group.  The children and staff had an absolutely amazing time!


National Science Week 2018

We were very fortunate to have lots of exciting experts attend our School on Monday 12th March 2018.

This got us off to a really good National Science Week, with the children asking lots of questions and having great educational fun… especially with the fire engine hose!

A very special thank you to everyone that joined us:

Jo Bramhall – DNA Scientist, Julie Walker & colleague – Veterinary Nurse, Karrie – RSPCA volunteer, Laura & Jennie – Occupational Therapists, Laura O’Brien – Nurse, Matthew Lloyd – Leather department at Northampton University, Mr Berwick, Mr Sherratt – Rushden Fire Fighters, Mr Bogust – Paramedic, Mr Brewster – Environmental Agency, Mr Sidebottom – Gardener from Poddington, Mrs Caesar – Physiotherapist, Mrs Skinner and Wonder her guide dog for the blind, Mrs Twell – Local farmer and cheese maker, PCSO Dave Bryan and Rushden Fire Service.

Work in Science, Science in Work Day – Visitors